Your LinkedIn Profile is your Online Business Card

As part of my portfolio of work, I get to teach networking skills to students and I always encourage them to open a free LinkedIn account. It’s never too early to do that if you don’t already have one!

Filling out your profile can prove daunting, but not if you give it a little bit of thought first.

LinkedIn uses the information you give it, to help you make useful connections to others in the same field. It does this from the line immediately under your name, what keywords appear in your Summary section and the experience you have listed.

So you need to start thinking about yourself as a brand here. How do you want to appear on LinkedIn? The more specific the better, as you need to stand out against the other 330m+ users!

Hone it down to a sector to start with, or even the subject you are studying. It’s tempting just to put ‘Student at the University of XYZ’ when describing yourself. But remember when you try to connect with someone, your name and ‘Student of the University XYZ will appear like a business card in their inbox (see the example below). If they don’t know you, and your profile is bland  they are more than likely to delete or ignore your request to connect.

So be specific like the examples below:

Example before


Example after customisation


Don’t be a sheep – stand out from the crowd!