The Bank of Self Esteem

Having high self-esteem is one of the most important factors in your life, and in your success within your career.

Just like a bank account, it is important to keep it topped up with healthy deposits.

Everything you do, think or say can affect your self-esteem and that is what you say to yourself as well as what others do, think or say to you.  We’ve all seen people slowly die in jobs where they are under-appreciated, bullied or their efforts go unrewarded.  So it’s vitally important that your job fits in with your core values*.

If no one else is putting healthy deposits in your Bank of Self Esteem, then there’s no excuse why you can’t start to do so yourself.

Set yourself success experiences that are measurable.  Break your goal down into small steps and celebrate each milestone.  Reward yourself – something pleasurable like a nice coffee, a break or even a piece of chocolate.  (This part is MOST IMPORTANT, SO PLEASE DON’T SKIP THE REWARDS)!  It is essential that you mentally build up your self-esteem in this way, and your enthusiasm will all add to the deposits in your self-esteem bank account.

If someone pays you a compliment acknowledge it and bank it as a deposit.  Watch your balance (self-esteem) rise.

The formula:

1)  Set goals/overcome obstacles

2)  Recognise success

3)  Reward yourself

4)  Bank compliments

All too soon you’ll have a healthy balance and a new found confidence!


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