Banish Procrastination!

Procrastinate no more!

We all procrastinate at some point in our lives.  But why?  Perfectionists sometimes procrastinate because everything in place before they start, or they get paralysed by fear of not being able to finish anything perfectly.

Or the basis of procrastination could be fear.  Fear of being overwhelmed, criticised, laughed at.  All very well but all this leave you STUCK and not achieving.

Try this easy tip to get yourself moving and banish procrastination into the bin, where it belongs.

Take your task/goal and immediately break it down into 25 steps (imagine you were writing it as instructions for someone else to do).  If your task is larger then break it down in to say 50 steps.  Now, not thinking about tomorrow or the end goal, just pick one step you can accomplish today.  The trick is not to look forwards or backwards, just deal with the first step you have chosen to complete today.  In 25/50 days you will have achieved what today you might have thought impossible.

If I asked you to write a 365 page book, you’d probably say you couldn’t.  But if I asked you to just write a page a day for 365 days, I bet you would find that easier.

See how easy it could be to achieve your goals?  Go on, kick procrastination into touch and give it a go. You never know where it might take you!