4 Essential C’s for Interview Success

Ever wondered what recruiting managers are really looking for in candidates?  Well these 4 C’s should help remind you when you are next sat in the interview chair!

The 4 C's of Interview Success

1.  Capability – all those competency based questions are trying to find out whether you can do the job.  They want to hear how you’ve been there, done it, and got the T-shirt!  So give real examples following the CAR* framework.

2.  Confidence – do the words that come out of your mouth sound convincing?  Do you ooze confidence?  Are you filling them with the thought that you are just what they need – or filling them with dread?  Use your voice to convey your enthusiasm – pitch, pace and tone.  Match that with your body language too.

3.  Character – what does your personality say about you?  And more importantly what does your on-line character say about you?!?  Google yourself and see what comes up.  If you were a prospective employer, would you hire you based on what you read online?

And lastly …

4.  Compatability – they will be judging you for a ‘cultural’ fit.  You’ll see clues to their culture everywhere – online, through their company values, the people in their organisation.  Pick up on that culture and ask yourself ‘would I fit in here?’.  You can guarantee they’ll be asking themselves the same question!

CAR framework – Tell them about the Challenge you faced, Actions you took, Results you got!!