Should Students have a LinkedIn Account?


My answer is simple – YES!!!

For anyone who has attended my ‘Networking for Career Success’ workshop, you will know that I extol networking, both face-to-face and online.  Most students think it may be too early, as they haven’t yet got their degree and their work experience may be limited.  LinkedIn is ideal for this.

Once you’ve been on my workshops you will know that I turn networking completely on its head, and explain how you have so much to offer!  Believe me – you have!  It’s not about taking, it’s about giving.

An online networking account is a bit like setting up a pension in your 20’s.  You can’t really see the point, but at the age of 60, you will look back and say ‘thank goodness I did it!’  It’s never too early.

The people who are around you right now will be different 10 years on.  Some of your fellow undergrads will be in careers that you never dream possible today.  That’s why it’s imperative you connect now.  You never know how you can help each other, in years to come.  After all, if you ‘Know, Like and Trust’ each other now, there’s no reason that it won’t be the case in the future.

Years ago, (before the prevalence of the internet), people collected business cards and put them into filing systems.  When they wanted to reconnect, they pulled out the card and rang the number, or wrote to the address.  But these days, people move about globally, so it makes sense to have an online presence that you just periodically update!

I’ve certainly found LinkedIn and Social Media fantastic ways of getting back in touch with old students, academics, workplace colleagues and friends.

But you have to be in that giant database system in cyberspace to be found.  Ten years from now you may be glad you did.  Want to work for that global oil company?  Then you may just find that your ex-classmate is now the CEO!

Join today.  The FREE level is fine and will serve your needs.

Note:  I have no affiliation with LinkedIn – I just think it is fab 🙂