Public Speaking for Beginners

Speaking in front of people, large crowds, in particular, is usually perceived as the most stressful experience imaginable. In fact, it’s up there with the top 3 (which includes death)! If public speaking fills you with dread, then this ebook is written just for you.


Creating an effective presentation/talk can seem very overwhelming but this book takes you through each step, enabling you to produce content for an effective and powerful speech in 30 minutes or less, regardless of your target audience.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identifying your purpose
  • Preparing your speech
  • Preparing your visual aids
  • Creating a mock presentation
  • Eliminating stage fright and building your self-confidence
  • Being audience-centered
  • Accepting that you will make mistakes
  • Ditching negative self-talk
  • Converting your fear into positive energy
  • Presenting daily/Practice Makes Near Perfect
  • Incorporating your personality into your presentation
  • Extra stuff to help you convey a high-impact message
  • Surveying the audience
  • The all important Q&A session
  • Getting your audience engaged
  • Items of preparation prior to your presentation

Plus there are hints and tips throughout the ebook that I personally use which have helped me enormously.

So, if public speaking is your worst nightmare, this might be worth a read!

Public Speaking for Beginners
Public Speaking for Beginners
A comprehensive step-by-step ebook on public speaking, taking you from petrified to professional in easy steps.
Price: £3.97