Values for Life

Ever felt that you are out of step with your life or work? Feel that your principles are not being upheld or valued? Then the chances are that your unique values in life are not being honoured.

Core values guide you through your life and work and are your moral compass, so it pays to know exactly what they are and how you live by them on a daily basis.

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If I asked you for your top 3 core values in life, would you know what they are?

If not, help is at hand. This workbook will guide you through the 7 steps you need to take to help you find your top three. Once these are in place, everything makes sense:

  • Knowing what makes you happy
  • Feeling that you are living your life on purpose
  • Pursuing the type of job/career you’d enjoy
  • Knowing what makes you fulfilled and why
  • Setting your standards as a benchmark (for yourself and others)

Often when I coach graduates who feel disillusioned with their life or job I use values as a starting block. We find out what their top 3 values in life are and then look at their work/life through those eyes to see whether they are being upheld. Chances are they are not and that’s why they feel like they do. But you need to know what they are in the first place; so that’s where the workbook comes in.

What’s in the Workbook?

The workbook is a 7-step exercise to get you to narrow down what is important to you and more importantly really understand why. It’s filled with questions to help you explore your feelings and comes with a handy prompt sheet containing 144 values, to get you started! All you need to do is firstly pick your Top 10 and then we start to narrow it down towards your Top 3, through a series of questions.

Finding out what matters to you most, is an important part of life and the building blocks of your career, so this workbook is priced at an affordable £3.97 to get you started

Values for Life
Values for Life
A workbook of 7 easy steps to help you find your 'top values' in life/work. Find your moral compass and let it guide you through everything you do, to pursue happiness and live your life with purpose.
Price: £3.97