Not Found a Graduate Job Yet? How to up your game!

The euphoria of graduating is probably subsiding now and the fears of not having found a suitable graduate role, is probably kicking in.

Money is probably becoming scarce as goodwill of parents and friends dries up, and the reality of daily job hunting takes over.

The slippery slide starts when you start considering taking jobs ‘just to pay the bills’. But beware here. I have seen many a graduate end up in a dead end job and two years later, find it even harder to get back into a commensurate graduate role.

Plus, is two years of working on a supermarket checkout for a minimum wage is going to look fantastic on your CV???

Get back to basics and find out where you are stuck – it can only be in one of 4 places.

1. You don’t know what you want to do
2. You don’t know where to search for suitable roles or you feel ‘there are no jobs for graduates’
3. Your CV is not opening doors to interviews
4. You are getting interviews but are not getting the job

Where are YOU stuck?

My free e-book will help you get kick-started. It’s full of ideas to help you determine what is stopping you from getting a good graduate role.

The choice is yours – download the free e-book for a kickstart OR accept the job on the supermarket checkout.