Is My CV Stopping Me From Getting a Job?

Might seem a strange question, but can your CV stop you from getting a job?  In my experience of working as a Career Coach, I would say, it certainly can be.  Your CV should be your sales brochure, spelling out your skills, talents, expertise and potential.

Once graduated, you are full of hope to gain that position which is commensurate with your degree.  But after sending your CV out for position after position and getting rejection after rejection (or no response at all), you begin to think that perhaps you just need to get a job – any job, just to pay the bills.

You’ll probably then convince yourself that you will just do this job for a short while until a ‘graduate’ job comes along.  But the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years and your exit strategy diminishes.

You are not alone – certainly, this was my main reason for setting up this website and working with graduates.  It dismayed me to see so much talent going to waste!

Is any of this is resonating?  Or are you a new graduate not getting interviews?  Without even seeing you I can tell you what’s wrong.

It’s your CV!

It’s either not tailored enough, or doesn’t showcase your attributes or it’s just hard to read and comprehend.  It can even be something simple like it has spelling or grammar error, or the layout is hard to read/follow.

For many graduates in this position, a simple re-write of the CV can work wonders!

You can either get help from someone like myself who specialises in graduate CV’s or get a free CV review, so you can spruce it up yourself.

FREE – CV Review

Either way, please don’t stay doing what you are doing.  You deserve more and will find it harder and harder as the years pass to get back on track.  After all, new graduates are emerging every year with CV’s that are spot-on!


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