Graduated? Now Get Visible!

LinkedInFREECongratulations if you have recently graduated. What a fantastic feeling to know your hard work and determination has paid off and you are about to embark on a fantastic future!

I bet you’ve shared your news with your parents, grandparents and the wider family. You’ve been out with your fellow finalists and had celebratory drinks and well-deserved fun. And now the reality is looming. Who else needs to know?

You’ve got yourself a decent degree but the people who really need to know about it are the business world. So what’s the biggest platform for getting your success out there?  Well, you can’t go far wrong then announcing it on LinkedIn.  You could be quiet about it and just update your profile.  Or you could be mega-bold and put it in the news section, tell the members what degree you’ve studied, what degree classification you have got and where you want to go next!

You never know who is reading your profile and who might just be needing someone like you in their company.

What have you got to loose?  Nothing.  Or you can stay quiet and end up in a dead end job.  Choice is yours …