Going Round In Circles With Your Career?

‘Your past does not determine your future – you do!’

Going Round in Circles With Your Career?Do you feel like you are going round in circles with your career?

I meet loads of clients who come to me for career coaching and I start off by doing a Past, Present and Future exercise; getting a bit of history of what they’ve done in their past career and listening to where they are right now.

Quite a few clients have a recurring theme in that they do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and they are surprised when nothing changes! It’s like trying to open the front door with your car key!

For those people who are really determined to reach their goal this is where they realize that they may need help and call upon the services of someone like myself.

By listening to where they have been and what they have tried already, we can then start the real work which is setting out the vision of where they want to be. Including getting them to describe to me how they will know when they’ve arrived at their goal – what will they see, hear and feel etc.

The bit between that ultimate goal and where they are now is the strategy/road map. Without doing what they’ve always done, we explore new routes. Each part of the route is planned and we know what we’ll see, hear and feel when we get to each milestone. All of a sudden the career goal seems more achievable.

You have all the answers inside of you – you just need a good coach to ask you the right questions and get you to see the territory differently and find a new route which works for you.

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