Get Hired in 4 Easy Steps

Graduated and not in the career you had dreamed of?
Had to take ‘something’ just to pay the bills?
Applying for jobs and not getting interviews?
Getting interviews, but not getting the job?

 Is that you?  Then help is here …

‘Get Hired in 4 Easy Steps’

is the right package for you!


In 4 easy steps this online course can get you ‘job ready’ and ahead of the crowd in a short space of time. We’ll get you back to basics and discover:

  1. Who you really are and what skills, talents and experience you have to offer – via a complete stock take (great help for when you are in interviews)
  2. You’ll learn how to prepare a ‘door-opening’ CV and you’ll even have a template just to drop your details in to, and a ready made example so you can see how to phrase things and how it’s done
  3. Then you’ll need a great cover letter – and they are easy (once you know how). Again I’ll give you structure to follow and a template so you can just pop your details in
  4. Plus, you’ll learn how to access the ‘hidden job market’ where up to 85%+ jobs are never advertised! Soon you’ll be networking like a pro and finding the jobs that other graduates will miss.

You can work at your own pace as this will be delivered as videos, workbooks and templates. I’ll give you all the ‘inside knowledge’ of how recruitment works and how, as a former HR Manager (who recruited graduates) what I looked for in the perfect candidate. I currently teach these skills to undergraduates at UK universities and business schools, so you’ll get the benefit of up-to-date knowledge (without having to attend a lecture)!

Plus, you’ll get the added bonus of being able to run your CV and cover letter by me for a final look, and then you’ll really see a difference in how many invites to interview you get.


My tried and tested formula has helped hundreds of other graduates and can help you too


So, the choice is yours. You can do what you’ve always done (and get what you’ve already got), or join me and find a new way forward!

Christine provided a straightforward and very professional service, which ultimately resulted in a graduate job. I would strongly recommend this service in a highly competitive job market.

After making the changes to my CV I have used secured a place at two assessment centres and have even got interviews for some part-time work!  I am so pleased and don’t believe I’d have done this without your help

“Christine is an engaging teacher and is very passionate about networking and plugging people in together, so they can  help each other.  Myself and a group of fellow MBA students were recently taught a class on networking by Christine and it was brilliant. What was once a daunting thought is now an active part of my plans going forward and I cannot wait to network and meet people to see how I can help them. Christine has opened my eyes to the power of networking and how important it is for my future. If you are considering getting in touch with Christine about her services, I would highly recommend that you do.  DA, MBA Student – Hull University Business School 2016