What Are Interview Assessment Days All About?

What are employers looking for when they hold interview assessment days?  

As a former HR Manager, I have held many interview assessment days during the course of my career, and have been invited into many companies to watch groups of students who are undertaking such assessments.

But do you know what they are looking for?

It might not be what you think!

I’m giving you here a quick free ebook, which will give you the heads up about when you are being assessed and what possible criteria you are being judged against.  Don’t miss this one if you have an assessment day looming!

Grab the ebook here – it’s a nice quick and easy read and I guarantee it will give you the ‘edge’ over your contemporaries if you are mindful of these tips.

There’s NO SIGN-UP BOX!  Just click the download button below and you’ll get it straight away.