Ebook – 25 Top Tips for Writing CV’s

Need a hand in fixing your CV?

Want top tips and hints to help you maximise your CV potential?

Want to know how to pass the ’15-second WOW test’?

Does your front page look like a ‘sweet-shop window’?

CV Writing

Then this handy ebook could be just what you are looking for …

Over the course of my career I have amassed much knowledge in the fields of HR and recruitment, and now use these skills to help graduates into the roles that fit their degrees and potential.

I get saddened to see graduates who even a few years after graduation have not found the right role for themselves, or worse still have taken a job just to pay the bills.

The CV is the ‘magic key’ to opening interview doors and if you are not getting called for an interview, then, believe me, there is something wrong with your CV.

This ebook was written with you in mind.  It’s packed full of hints and tips to make your CV ‘stand out from the crowd’.  I’ve written it from a recruiters viewpoint so you’ll know exactly what they are looking for and how to position yourself properly and, more importantly how to avoid all those mistakes that I see day in, day out.

Priced at just an affordable £4.97 this could be your starting point to find out why your CV is not opening doors.  I guarantee there will be nuggets of advice in there that could prove invaluable for you!

You’ll receive your copy as an ebook in a downloadable PDF format, that’s ready to dive in to!

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