Does your CV get read?

Ever wondered whether your CV is actually read by the recruiting manager?

Chances are, if they are inundated with candidates they will only do the ’15 second WOW test’.  (Some recruiter do it in less – 6 seconds).

As an HR Manager for a large plc I often had 10-15 vacancies that I was recruiting for at any one time.  Each vacancy drew in around 100+ CV’s.  Do the math(s).  If I spent 15 minutes reading each CV, I’d never do anything else!

100 CV’s x 15 m = 1500 minutes (= 25 hours)

x 10 vacancies = 250 hours (= 6+ weeks) just reading CV’s!

Here is what really happens.

The recruiting manager has a copy of the job description and person specification on their desk and will do a 15 second scan of each CV.  If it doesn’t pass the ‘WOW’ test it goes straight on the reject pile.  If however, it seems to have the key skills, experience and competencies required it will go on the ‘definitely’ or ‘maybe’ pile.  Working this way a pile of 100 CV’s can be sifted in 1500 seconds = 41 minutes.

The ‘definitely’ pile will then get a more in-depth read and either put on an ‘invite to interview’ pile or on to the ‘reject’ pile.

Approximately 6-8 candidates will then be selected.  If there is too few candidates from the ‘definitely’ pile, then the  ‘maybe’ pile will be read too.

So, your hard work may have gone unrewarded.  Sorry to have to break the news like that, but this is reality I’m afraid  🙁

Come back next week to learn how to get past the ’15 second WOW test’ and get a greater chance of being selected for interview.


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