Smash those Competency Based Interview Questions with CAR or STAR!

Car OR StarIf you are familiar with CAR and STAR, you will know that they are fantastic templates for answering competency based questions.

Note:  A competency based questions is a behavioural question where you describe a situation which demonstrates how you have dealt with that scenario in your past career.  

The most popular tends to be STAR, but I think this is the more difficult to remember than CAR, especially when you are under pressure in an interview situation.

As a quick reminder (or for those who are not familiar with it) STAR stands for:


     S – Situation (describe the situation you faced)

     T – Task (describe the tasks you undertook)

     A – Actions (talk about the actions you made)

     R – Result (major on the results you got)


The ‘S’ and the ‘T’ and ‘A’ tend to get muddled so that’s why I prefer CAR instead and this is what I teach to my students/clients.


Here’s the easier way:

CAR stands for:


     C – Challenge (describe the challenge you faced, i.e. set the scene)

     A – Actions (describe the actions you took to overcome that challenge)

     R – Results (major on the results you got)


See how much easier that is?  So the next time you are faced with a competency based question at interview, have CAR running in the back of your mind and you’ll soon be ‘motoring’ with your brilliant answers!


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