The Importance of Networking

For those of you who have sat in on my workshops at universities around the UK, you will know that I am a great advocate of networking.  It’s important to start this from day one of your undergraduate studies, as your time at uni will pass quickly and you’ll soon be hunting for a job.

The ‘hidden job market’ remains a mystery to many people, but once you know how it works, you’ll never rely totally on looking for a job in the traditional way again.  85% of all jobs are reported to have been filled through the ‘hidden job market’.  Don’t just take that advice from me, here is an article from a contact of mine on LinkedIn, who has shown just how powerful networking is, once it’s put into action.

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5 Ways to Hit the Ground Running

Got a new job?  Then you need to hit the ground running …!

The first few weeks in a job can be daunting.  You want to make a good first impression and you have a deluge of information, facts, rules and people’s names to digest.  So get yourself ready to hit the ground running with these 7 easy tips.

1.  Notebook – get yourself a small notebook and take notes.  Write down names, instructions – anything vital so it stops you having to keep asking people over and over again!

2.  Watch, Listen & Learn – don’t point out flaws or better ways of doing things in your first couple of weeks!  Just makes notes (in your notebook) and suggest them when the time is right.  Some people don’t like change and won’t appreciate the new person trying to change things from day 1.  Surest way to make immediate enemies that one …

3.  Cultural Fit – learn how they like things done.  What do they like in writing?  In what format?  Who do you have to inform/copy in?  How do people like to be addressed?  Are Christian names acceptable or do they like the full Mr./Mrs. bit?  This is no time to be treading on toes, so get it right.

4.  Network – make time to get to know people.  Go over and introduce yourself.  Seize opportunities to visit other departments.  And when relationships develop, add them to your contacts on LinkedIn.  You might need them in the future!

5.  Show Willingness – start as you mean to go on.  Don’t become a jobs worth!  Be willing to go the extra mile for others (and ultimately yourself).  It builds your own self-esteem and confidence and helps others.

Enjoy your first few weeks!  It can seem hectic and you might feel like a fish out of water but things will soon become more familiar.  Promise.  🙂