The 9 ‘P’ Skills that Employers Love!

What skills do employers really want to see from you?

9-ps-of-business-skillsDuring my time with employers, I often gather their opinions in what they are looking for from their new graduate employees.  Over the years, this has started to form a pattern and from that research, I’ve now put together a comprehensive list of what they have told me (plus dollops of advice from my own experience of recruiting), and I’ve condensed it down into 9 P’s, so it makes it easier for you to remember!

I’ll tell you about:

  • what employers think about you using your phone at work
  • what initiative they want to see from you
  • how they like you to conduct yourself
  • what it takes to be a good ‘brand ambassador’
  • how much planning you need to do
  • and much more …..

Grab the ebook here – it’s a nice quick and easy read and I guarantee it will give you the ‘edge’ over your contemporaries if you put these things into action.

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