7 FREE Ways LinkedIn can Help You Find a Job

BlueNetwork123RFLinkedIn is a marvellous resource and you can get a lot of value out of the free version.  Use these 7 ways to help you find a job on there too.

  1.  Complete Your Profile

You wouldn’t send in a half finished CV would you?  So why put something online that only tells half the story?  One of the more crucial bits is your LinkedIn Summary section.  But this is the bit that people tend to skip.  Without it you are less likely to be highlighted in searches as the algorithms/SEO have nothing to tag you for.  Completing your profile also means including a photograph.  Don’t leave it blank. You wouldn’t go networking with a bag on your head, so you don’t get recognized, would you?  So why do it online?

  1. Inject Personality

Even though your photo is you in your business attire (not in your beach shorts please), your profile should not read like a CV.  Write it in 1st person (using ‘I’) and write about your passion and interests and what makes your heart sing in business.  Inject your personality into your writing.

  1. Use Your LinkedIn URL

Customise and shorten it from the long generic string you get when you set up your account, to something others would recognize (i.e. your name).  I chose ChristineWare1 and now add this to all my social media links.  Another reason why your profile needs to be complete.  Don’t send people to an unfinished page!

  1. Network (Small to Large)

Start building your network with people you really know and then move outwards.  Friends and colleagues are a good place to start.  If you are a student, start with your classmates and your academics.  Think long term here.  Your fellow students may be just classmates and social friends now, but given 5-10 years where will they be?  If you are doing an internship, it is crucial to make great contacts whilst you are there.  Face to face networking always beats online and again, where will those people be in 5 years time? And more importantly, where will you be?!?  Network face-to-face first and then add them to your LinkedIn contacts.  That way, you’ll always be up to date with them (providing they, and you, keep your profiles up to date of course).

  1. Join Groups

How fabulous to be able to join the world’s largest networking group and then be able to talk with ‘like-minded’ people, all together in one place!  This is rather like being at a conference and then having separate meetings for different topics.  This can be where the magic happens.  Just like at a f2f networking event, you can observe, comment or start a conversation.  You can also use it for detective work!  Who are these people?  Where do they work?  How did they get to where they are now?  Who do they know?  Who do they know, who knows who you want to know?  It’s a mine of information!  Don’t always be passive though.  Grow your confidence.  ‘Like’ articles, make comments on them with your own views or start your own thread!  Get known.  Get people curious about who you are, and will look at your profile to find out more about you 🙂

  1. Use the Search Facilities for Jobs

Did you know you can search for jobs with quite a wide brief or get really specific?  You can search by title, area, sector, country etc.  And then LI can show you who you know who is connected to that company or person who placed the ad.  You may be closer than you think to that role!  Leverage those introductions – after all, that’s what networking is all about.

  1. Don’t Stay Anonymous

You know you are looking for a new role, but how many other people do?  If you are already in a job, I wouldn’t advocate telling LI publically that you are looking, but how about messaging your network, just to let them know that you are open for a new opportunity and if they hear of anything …  But if you are out of work, then tell everyone!  A job is not going to come and knock on your front door.  Get proactive and get out there.


If you have any burning questions about networking, don’t keep them to yourself.  Please do ask me:  Email – christine@graduatecareerdoctor.com   I’ll be happy to help 🙂