5 Ways to Turbo-Charge your Job-Hunting


Does your job-hunting need a boost?  Try these 5 top tips for some turbo-boosting!

  1. Begin with the end in mind – get really clear on what you want.  What type of role?  What geographical area?  What salary scale?  Small, medium or large company?
  2. Schedule time each day to job-search. I’m not talking a cursory scan of the internet.  Get really focused for at least 1-2 hours per day.  And if you are unemployed then make it your full-time job to find a job!  Don’t just think you’ll find a job online, face-to-face networking too is very powerful.
  3. Let everyone in your network know you are available for work and what you want to do (refer to point 1).
  4. Don’t discount speculative letters. They DO work!  The trick is to get it to the right decision maker.  That’s where your homework comes in.  I’m a great fan of going back to the old-fashioned way and send a printed CV and cover letter – emails can (and will) be ignored, but its kind of novel now to receive a letter!  I’ve never know anyone open up a letter and immediately put it down without reading a bit.
  5. Follow up! Ring a few days later to introduce yourself and ask whether they have received your CV, and whether anything is available now or possibly in the near future.  Don’t hide behind an email, show your personality and ring.

Give it a go – what have you to loose?