7 ‘Alternative’ Uses for LinkedIn

linkedin_circle_color-128Whether you love or hate LinkedIn, it has many uses and it’s ideal for introverts too!  Did you know you can use it all sorts of ways to aid your career?

Here are a few ‘alternative’ things you might like to try:

  1. Detective work – use it to aid your job search efforts, and look at company profiles and find out exactly what they do, what their values are, who works there and whether or not they have current vacancies.
  2. Giant CV Bank – no wonder recruitment agencies love it! All the best talent gathered together with their CV profiles laid out for people to read (including you)!  Want to follow in someone’s footsteps?  Then look how they did it, by reading their profile on LinkedIn!
  3. Six Degrees of Separation – Discover just how close you are to the people you want to meet. Type in their name and then LinkedIn will show you in the right hand margin, who you know who is connected to them.  Then it’s just the case of following and connecting with those people to get you to the end person.  And if you find a job you like, then LinkedIn can show you how you are connected to the person who placed the ad – cool eh?
  4. See What’s Trending – what are the hot topics in your sector? What’s exciting people and what’s getting them hot under the collar?  What are people’s pain points?  Have you got a solution to offer?
  5. Dive Deeper with Groups – groups are like having a worldwide conference in your front room. You can join in at any point (even in your pyjamas)!  Again you can be passive or active – the choice is yours!  But no-one notices you if you are passive.
  6. Fish Where the Fish Are! – A go-to one-stop shop. Don’t waste time elsewhere.  It’s a catch-all, a hub, a place where the doors are always open, where people will share knowledge and help each other grow.
  7. Search for Jobs – use the job search facilities to find vacancies for you.  You can refine your search right down – have a play and see what comes up.  Some companies will allow you to apply direct from LinkedIn by using your profile as a CV.  So make sure it is up to date and your profile details are full.

I hope that’s given you some food for thought and will make you want to engage.  Dive in – I’ve used LI for years now and find it an invaluable resource.

If you have any questions – please email me and I’ll reply directly.